My first weekend in the Asian Le Mans Series didn’t go as planned. At the Shanghai International Circuit, we ended up seventh with United Autosports in what may well be the most difficult weekend of my career. We just couldn’t get the car up to speed, which resulted in just a handfull of points.

A New team

It was a weekend of change, here in the Asian Le Mans Series. I could quickly find my way within the team. United Autosports works differently than I’m used to but it didn’t take long to find my place. Unfortunately, the car wasn’t were we wanted it to be. We could see quite quickly we were lacking pace.

Learning quickly

It’s not easy at a new track, a new team in a new series and with a car you have to share with two other drivers. You have very limited tracktime and in our case, not enough time to fix the issues with the car. My team mate Matt Bell managed to qualify in fourth place, which was impressive. On new tyres, the car was a different animal and actually quite good. The race is driven on old tyres and full tanks however, so we knew it would be difficult to stay there.

Not an easy race

Matt took the lead in a chaotic first lap but after the first stop, things went south. An ill-timed safety car meant we lost a lap and once I took the wheel we were very much out of contention for any big points. The car was difficult to drive and although I managed to bring the gap to the car in front back from 90 to 40 seconds, a seventh place was the result.

Of course, I’m not here to finish seventh but this is the way it goes sometimes. Again, I’ve learned a lot this weekend and we’ll take all of this with us to Fuji, we’re we’ll have our chance to redeem ourselves next week. I’m looking forward to it and I’m sure things will be better!